The “Valuas menu”

The menu at Restaurant Valuas is in two parts: an à la carte menu with our signature dishes by Eric, including classics such as his Stroganoff beef fillet, and the Valuas menu, a flexible menu consisting of two to nine courses. Each dish on this menu can be ordered separately for € 17.00 allowing you to create your very own menu from a three-course lunch to a long and pleasant dinner.

For the German menu click here / Für die deutsche Speisekarte klicken Sie hier!

The "Valuas Menu"

For you, our Valuas menu where you can choose from 2 or more courses to choose from.

The portions will be adjust to the amount of courses of the 9 course menu. The minimum amount of courses is 2, from lunch to an evening filling 9 course dinner.

Price per course € 17,00

  • Whiting and oyster, lavender, tomato and biscuit
  • Mackerel, spinach, vélouté sauce, toast and herring caviar
  • “Boudin blanc” of rabbit, lobster, mustard and watercress
  • Mullet and eel, dashi and prawn crackers
  • '' Open ravioli '' girolle mushrooms, celeriac, caper and egg yolk
  • Lamb chop with green vegetables and herbs
  • Salted beef stew with “pizza pepperoni” and potato-garlic cream
  • Cheese platter
  • Passion fruit, yogurt, mango and cinnamon
  • “Asparagus straight from the ground “ with parsley

  • Starters

  • Tuna cocktail, farmer’s yoghurt, asparagus and Imperial caviar (10 gram)
  • € 25,00
  • Langoustines, dashi, sashimi, dim sum and wanton
  • € 36,00
  • Wagyu tartar and bouillon mixed with goose liver, carrot, and ginger
  • € 32,50
  • Bisque d’homard
  • € 30,00
  • "Paté en croûte" of guinea fowl and duck, pistachio, peppered cherries, young herbs and duck liver.
  • € 28,50

    Main courses

  • Turbot, Amalfi lemon, aubergine, courgette, spring onion accompanied by potato gnocchi in turbot sauce with Imperial caviar (10 gram)
  • € 38,50
  • Farmer veal, pizza, ricotta, juniper and ricotta
  • € 32,50
  • Beef “Stroganoff” prepared at your table (for 2)
  • € 47,50


  • Choice from our buffet
  • € 25,00


  • Lemon served in a variety of textures
  • € 18,50
  • Strawberries, rose and anise
  • € 18,50
  • Soufflé of cottage cheese with vanilla, grapefruit and Campari
  • € 18,50