Developed by Eric Swaghoven in 2004, the Valuas meat croquette is of a unique and high quality. A properly filled beef croquette with approximately ±35% pulled beef, the Valuas croquette has grown in popularity to become Valuas’ brand of quality. As we now have a variety of croquettes and a variety of further luxurious and well-filled snacks, it is not surprising to hear that our motto for the Valuas croquette is ‘Tasteful & healthy snacking’.


Different flavoured croquettes

Over the years the Valuas croquette has grown into its own brand. It now boasts a range of croquettes with a diversity in tastes, such as our well-filled Valuas beef croquette, Dutch shrimps croquette, entirely vegan mushroom croquette, and of course, seasonal croquettes such as the asparagus croquette, pheasant/truffle croquette or venison croquette. We have also developed an entirely gluten-free Valuas croquette that has been certified by the Dutch Coeliac Association.

If you’ve enjoyed them before, we not only sell our Valuas croquettes at Valuas, but also at various sale points throughout the country. For further information, the current news, and our sale points, visit the Valuas croquette website: