The kitchen of the restaurant at Valuas is the beating heart of the business and the playground of Master Chef Eric Swaghoven. He takes great pleasure in tantalising his guests’ taste buds with the most delicious dishes, all rigorously prepared using seasonal produce. Needless to say, he loves to dream up dishes with Limburg specialties. His sense of humour is injected in all of his dishes which feature special details and are always perfectly seasoned. Eric pays a lot of attention to presentation, because a nicely presented dish is an integral part of the Valuas experience.



Once our guests have tasted our Stroganoff beef fillet – for which the sauce is prepared at the table – they keep coming back for more. The teriyaki tuna with basmati rice, sesame seeds and vegetables is another very popular dish. And our Chef has also created a divine combination of langoustine with haricots, eggs and pansit.

At Valuas we bake our own bread, and you can taste the difference. It is served with fragrant olive oil imported especially by Valuas from the Italian region of Liguria, as well as butter, and presented as only we can.