The “Valuas menu”

The menu at Restaurant Valuas is in two parts: an à la carte menu with our signature dishes by Eric, including classics such as his Stroganoff beef fillet, and the Valuas menu, a flexible menu consisting of two to nine courses. Each dish on this menu can be ordered separately for € 18.00 allowing you to create your very own menu from a three-course lunch to a long and pleasant dinner.

For the German menu click here / Für die deutsche Speisekarte klicken Sie hier!


The "Valuas Menu"

Our “Valuas menu” for you,
consisting of two or more courses.

Choose anywhere between a 2-course lunch and a 9-course all-night dinner.
The portions are adjusted to the size of the 9-course menu.
This menu is served by table.

If it is too hard to make a choice, just tell us how many courses you would like,
and we will prepare a wonderful menu for you.

Price per course € 18,00

  • Mackerel tartar with celeriac, spring onion, red cabbage, herring caviar and apple
  • Haddock with textures of shrimp, vegetables and corn
  • Duck liver, Quince, goose ham, mushroom and purslane with a sherry vinaigrette
  • Tortellini with trout, crawfish and lavas with mustard and gold
  • Plaice and oyster with crispy potatoes, spinach, remoulade, mayonaise and lemon
  • Partridge with leek, pickled lemon, white beans and chanterelle
  • Cheek of beef, dolma, apricot, humus, pomegranate and cashewnuts
  • Cheese platter
  • "Millefeuille" with mango, merengue, white chocolate and yoghurt
  • “Dark chocolate”

  • Starters

  • Langoustine tartar and tongue of veal, caper, spring onion, cream of egg with Imperial kaviar (10 grams)
  • € 45,00
  • Scallops with cauliflower, seeweed cabbage and a nouilly prat sauce
  • € 37,50
  • Foie gras, grapes, ginger bread, figs and Purslane
  • € 32,50

    Main courses

  • Hare filet and stew with roasted vegetables, walnuts, mandarin and old cheese
  • € 35,00
  • Beef “Stroganoff” prepared at your table (for 2)
  • € 47,50 p.p.
  • Cod with red beetroot, pear, sorrel and fall truffle
  • € 35,00


  • Choice from our buffet
  • € 25,00


  • Old fashioned Dutch poffertjes (tiny pancakes) with lemon gin, yoghurt hangop (Dutch thick creamy yoghurt), hazelnut and white chocolate
  • € 18,50
  • Soufflé of brown spiced biscuit, vanilla and cinnamon
  • € 18,50