Valuas specials

Due to the versatility of Valuas, you are welcome to come by at any time of the day to enjoy our hospitality. For example, you can just pop in for a cup of coffee, glass of wine, some nibbles, a snack, or a quick lunch in our brasserie. Or you could come for an entirely different occasion, such as a gastronomical lunch or dinner in the restaurant or to treat yourself to a fancy High Tea.

Valuas clubmenu

Our brasserie is open every Wednesday  from 1130 hrs. We call this our Valuas clubmenu. This day we serve a menu a bit different from the normal menu. Just take a look!

Club menu


Would you like to enjoy our high-quality Valuas dishes at home? Them why not have a look at our catering menus or our ‘Christmas at home’ packages.

Our catering menu includes delicious finger food and soups, our Valuas bread  (which is baked in-house),butter, the olive oil we import from the Italian region of Liguria and many other tasty treats you can order, pick up and enjoy at home.

Are you planning a dinner party at home but would you rather not cook yourself?Then leave it to our chefs! They can treat you to some fine dining at home or off-site.

Valuas also caters for large parties, weddings and barbecues, allowing you to enjoy our quality food at a location of your choice.

Valuas diner voucher

Surprise your partner, colleague, or friends with a Valuas dinner voucher. Available in any desired amount and packaged in a festive fashion.


The “Maasbar” is an atmospheric bar where you can just walk in during the day or evening for a cup of coffee or a drink and a snack from our extensive bar menu. Alongside such snacks as our well-known ‘Valuasbitterballen’ (Dutch croquette balls), we also serve oysters and scampi.

We also regularly organize themed-nights in the ‘Maasbar’, where we organise a wine tasting accompanied by some snacks and finger food. And don’t forget to try our delicious High Tea, for which we select the most delightful range of teas. Showcased in our beautiful teapots, this will give you a completely new tea-experience.