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Business meetings, meetings, workshops and training courses... Valuas provides you various rooms and facilities.

Brasserie La Vie is the perfect opportunity for a small meeting. The wine room and Maasbar are ideally suited for a larger number of people. Want to get some fresh air between business? Valuas is centrally located, in a green area directly on the Pieterpad and the Maascorridor nature reserve. You can step out of the meeting into the walking area along the always fascinating Maas.

Of course we provide a delicious lunch and let your guests end the day with a fantastic dinner.

Are you organizing a multi-day meeting session? You do not have to leave our beautiful spot on the Maas for your overnight stay. Valuas has 14 hotel rooms. And how about an original breakfast session with your colleagues or business partners? Wake up in the green and enjoy an 8-course luxury breakfast.

The Maasbar of Valuas is a unique space with a beautiful picturesque view over the Maas and the city of Venlo.

Area: 60 m2

Maximum capacity: 12 people

Setup: 1 large table

  • Hotel Restaurant Valuas - Business

The Wine Room is an excellent space where you can meet with approximately 20 people or enjoy the Valuas moment with a group! In this room, some of our wines are visible to the public.

Area: 70 m2

Maximum capacity: 20 people

Setup: 1 large table (maximum 18 people) or 2 tables (maximum 20 people)

  • Hotel Restaurant Valuas - Business
  • Hotel Restaurant Valuas - Business

Valuas b.v.

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5914 CA Venlo
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No dogs allowed, excluding assistance dogs excluding assistance dogs

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